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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Today was a normal day, if you can call any thing normal here. We were swamped from the get go and finished by 4:15 PM. Of Course we start at 7:30AM , stop for lunch at 11:30AM, then back at it till we've seen the last patient. We are getting bombarded by requests from our Haiti staff to see this relative, to provide some medications to this person, atc. One patient asked us repeatedly today for money for tap-tap (public transportation) fare to go home. None of us had any money on us to give her. That was tough as she had a small baby in her arms and clearly needed some help. I have not found out about the count today. I will be getting more information on our new baby from yesterday as I've been requested to search the internet to see if I can print out a make shift birth certificate for the family. I'm promised the baby's name, birth weight, etc so when I finish this I will begin the search. I have programs as home to do this but there is none here. I did have to load an anti virus program and a pop up blocker last night to protect this system. The weather was in the 90's today, warm and muggy. Sleeping is good as it drops to about 70 degrees and there is usually a light wind. We have 2 1/2 days of clinic left and the pharmacy is beginning to run out of some important medications. That is disheartening but not unusual. We were short on money going into this clinic so we ordered lighter than we would have like to order. I hope the fund raising group reads this and continues to bring in the cash. I understand that there is a fund raising event scheduled for Bloomington Illinois some time in March. I'll post details. We will likely have lots of pictures from this trip at that event. Today was crying babies day. It was the loudest and most amount of crying I can recall. I'm happy to sit here in the quiet as I write this. The only sounds are the ocean and the nearby goats. Many have gone to the beach or to the bar. I've got my beer and my internet and it's cool and quiet. Thanks for your continued prayers. We are coming home in less than 1 week....

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dixie said...

edward - finally figured out how to bring up your blogspot - enjoyed all your pages - glad all is going well - look forward to your coming home - love, dixie