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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Oh no,Its a mother in labor, Oh no, it's a girl

We started of Election day with just a very few workers. None of my help showed up so I drew a new young interpreter. All worked well if I explained it to him 3 times. Thank goodness we were slow until a mother who had been in labor showed up. About 2 1/2 hours later came the news that it was a girl. Made for quite an exciting morning as we limped along. The last of my help showed up ay 3 PM and we were done by 4 after seeing 175 patients. Many team members tired today. It was a hot and muggy day. Still and no breeze. I know that you, in the USA, are having cold weather and you might be wishing for this heat. We have 4 or 5 male team members sleeping outside on the roof to cool off. Jealous yet?? You can always join Donna and I next year. We can use your help! Dentist Lori is still swamped with patients. She pulled 11 teeth on one patient today and will pull more later this week. There is some confusion as to when the May team is coming so I hope we get that settled soon. Phil Luciano is home in Peoria and plans a column on Haiti tomorrow. I hope to read it on line ( Not much else new here. Helpers report that voting was confusing but peaceful, so far. There is still lingering concern. I hear that Karnival will resume next Sunday ( it was not held last Sunday) so we will enjoy our meal and show at Ambiance overlooking the crowd. I noticed that the anit virus has expired on Dick's computer here so I'll close and down load AVG so he has some protection. He also needs a pop up blocker so I'll get off and download before the line behind me gets any longer. Please keep praying.

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