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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Saturday Night Action

Some of the group went to Son-Son's bar at the hard road. I was smart enough to stay at the clinic. They ran up a large bar bill, there are tales of some one dancing on the tables, tales of dancing in the streets, and one who had to be carried up the stairs. Just the time we got that problem settled, we find out that we have guests. Tina, an American who runs the school nearby had been entertaining that a couple from the USA who had been in Jacmel running an orphanage for the past year and one-half. The wife was pregnant and due to go home in mid February to deliver the baby. There are other side stories here but suffice to say that after watching a friend die at child birth at the local hospital, they opted to deliver in the USA. She had been to her OB doctor in Port-Au-Prince about two Weeks ago. The husband called the doctor on Saturday as the wife had some congestion. The doctor remembered that when she was in 2 weeks ago, a test was taken and the doctor forgot to call her to tell her she had a bad urinary tract infection. When she arrived here last night, the infection was so bad that it was causing labor like contractions. Tina knew this was the place to bring her. Dr Jeremy, nurses, Kay, Debi, and Sue, EMT Josh jump into action. I assisted in drugs etc. They administered IV's and some antibiotics and stabilized the woman. It was decided that she should return to the USA ASAP so on to the computer to make travel plans and pack for the husband while the medical team stood by and continued treatment.This continued till after midnight. It was fortunate that we were here and had most of the things we needed to treat her. Again, to wrap up a long story, they spent the night here, on the ground floor. The husband complained about the 3 mice who paid them a visit in the middle of the night. We had suspected that we had the mice but now had the proof, as poor as that sounds for the distraught couple. At 4:45 this AM, I was up to make sure all made it though the night. The lady was able to walk and most of her color had returned. We put them on the commuter plane to P-A-P with Phil who had to get back to the USA and he will ride with them to Ft. Lauderdale where their family will meet them. Our team mates who had a lot to drink last night and puked all over the place have awakened and the teasing has begun. Shortly we will have a prayer service as we could not get to Mass at 7AM with trying to care for the sick lady. Thank you, Lord for putting us here when the need occurred. Thank you for the team of dedicated professional who were in a celebratory mood but quickly stepped in to help. Had we not been here, she would have aborted the baby due to the critically ill condition she was in. Thank you, my readers for your prayer support. As you can see, it is powerful. We will pray for you again, in just a few minutes.

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