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Friday, February 03, 2006

Day three is done, Yeah!

My legs are tired. Too many times up & down the steps and too much standing. Sure glad I wore the compression hose or they would feel worse. Correction, we served 270 patients not 217 yesterday. I did not have my ears on! Imagine that! 270 is a record for me in the three years I've been coming to Haiti. We are having some supply problems. I did not bring enough of the drug "Aceon" due to the weight limits of AA on checked baggage. It is sitting in my basement and would not arrive in time even if we could get it shipped used up all of the Methyl Dopa also. Tonight's meeting will be a disappointing one. The May team will have a lot of patients who will need BP meds. We are reserving our dwindling supplies for severely, out of control patients. We served over 250 patients today but I have not "listened" for the final count. Tomorrow is our 1/2 day and I'll get to go to the local beach. Many team members go each night but I'm usually ready to sit back, relax, take a quiet shower, and rest. Sunday we will go to the nice hotel (Le Mondu) for pool and dinner. That's always a highlight. Tonight we can see a "forest fire" on the mountain. It is rather large and quite a sight to watch. There was another one last night near Jacmel. We had some interesting patients today. One 21 year old girl who has just a few days to live. We tried to make her as comfortable as possible. Very sad, and she is handling it better than I would. One young child had a severe case of scabies all over his cheeks and face. It was very ugly on a 2 year old. We saw another 2 year old who had not developed normally. She could not hold her head up to look at you. I watched as Dr Ufert held the baby and searched for a way to assist the family. I wish we could do something here but there is no such place to treat her in Haiti. She also has a beautiful smile.
And so we try to make a difference, small as it may be, and we will attempt to help as many as we can possibly help. There is growing concern for next Tuesday, the presidential election day. Our workers say they have to vote. The polling place for the Cyvadier ( where we are) is two hours walk away. Will we have workers that day? No one knows. Phil Luciano, our team mate who was to fly home on Tuesday, will go back on Sunday. The workers are full of "gossip" but no one has answers. I did tell Donna that I may have to come back in May as there is no pharmacist for the clinic and it could not operate without one. No explosions from her, yet!
It is very strange. I am not hearing from anyone. I wonder if anyone is reading this? Comments please! Even my email (MSN) is quiet. Wow, that is a first! I did find my missing memory stick that I brought down filled with the FOTCOH files for this computer. I had packed it with my clothes and found it when I did an underwear change. I just had to put that in. Sorry! The sun has set on our hottest day so far, and it is almost time for supper and another early bed time for this tired pill pusher. I'm still praying for you, please pray for us here in Haiti. Thank You! God Bless You!

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Sorry Dad, I did not realize I could leave comments. Just to let you know, you are all in my thoughts and prayers. Keep the blog going, I enjoy reading. Also, on a personal note. Alexis' MRI came back clean - Ryan has an apartment rented and they are moving the girls February 10th. Love to you all!