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Monday, February 13, 2006

Our last Monday

Strange. Here I am at 1:30 PM with computer time and, hopefully, all my work done for the day. But that is getting ahead of myself so I'll go back to Sunday. We awoke several times on Saturday night and early Sunday morning due to high winds and loads of rain. It seemed to have passed over as we awoke and we got through our prayer service and a great breakfast before the rain again began to fall. Boo Hoo, we are supposed to go to the nice beach today. The closed it got to time to leave the rain would start and stop frequently. As we left for the 10 mile ride in an open Tap-Tap, it began to rain again. I was standing at the rear and luckily had on my swim trunks and t-shirt as I soon got soaked. Along the route, in Cayes Jacmel we were stopped by a UN policeman and several, black-hooded men carrying what looked to be guns. As we got closer and were stopped it was all a part of Karnival celebrations and the roadblock was fake except that the Karnival people wanted money from us. The guns were PVC pipes taped to wooden sticks. They though that the roadblock was entertainment and that we should pay for the show. All it did was scare some of the team so we ventured on. Near the beach, the sun began to shine and we had a wonderful time on the beach, complete with the tiki hut and native food (beans & rice, pickily (a spicy cabbage salsd), grilled lobster, grilled fish, Prestige beer, and rhum. We took walks along the beach, spoke with the UN men who were also relaxing, met a Haitian family from Ohio who came to Haiti for Karnival, and of course, were pestered by all sorts of t-shirt vendors, artists, hat vendors, and about 20 kids. The water was warm and the undertow was not too bad for wading but too strong for any swimming. The current washed all westwardly and they had to go to shore and walk back to our sight. Great exercise!! We did feed the kids some of our food and as soon as one was fed he or she sped to the end of the line so it was quite a circle of kids wanting food. Our Tap-Tap came at 5:30 PM and we rode home and viewed the rain in the mountains. Very Pretty. The full moon came out for awhile and we sat in the moonlight for about 1 hour until the rains came again and stayed all night. This morning we took inventory of drugs and supplies and buttoned up the clinic till the May team comes. This afternoon we are packing our treasures and dirty laundry for the trip home that will begin at Jacmel airport at 6: 30 AM. We are hoping for good weather. smooth rides, easy connections, timely arrivals and anything else to make the return trip go to our advantage. There is some concern today as the country of Haiti is again on strike to protest the election results, so we could be trapped here for the duration. There is never anything else to worry about. Ha Ha!. So this will be my last post from this beautiful place. Thank you once again for your prayers and support. I'll write a wrap up if & when I get home. God bless you!!!

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