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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Second Day, Second Try

Day 2. Where did day 1 go to? I was last in line to get on the internet last night and went to bed instead. Sorry! I am getting older! This is my second attempt tonight. My first atttempt was wiped out by a power outage just as I was finishing and unable to save it. I did not cuss too much.
Day one we saw 107 patients and had limited problems. It is always hectic but loads of fun and adventure. Lots of screaming kids and then a mess of smiling ones. The luke warm water shower last night was relaxing, as it was the same this evening. Today we saw 217 patients. We have two near death from yesterday and that is sad that we can do so little for them. One is a small girl with a bad liver. I did not get to see her and therefore did not cry as much as some others. Much of the group is just returning from the beach now. Donna and I were too tired to go again today. Standing all day wears me out more then ever each trip and who am I to pass up a coller full of beer?
Please do no be alarmed by the news that American Airlines is halting service to Haiti on Feb 6 & 7. It only affected Phil Luciano who was to fly back home on Feb 7. He is rebooked to Feb 5. He did a live satellite radio broadcast from here this afternoon on WMBD radio. I am sorry that I did not know about it earlier so you could have tuned in. It was comical!!
There are a few minor problems with this trip but we will get through them. Donna and I are having a ball, so do not be worried for a minute. We had rain over night. Temps in the high 80's during the day and humid. Lows about 70 so we sleep under a sheet with the ceiling an on low.
It's getting time for supper so I'd better get off and get to chow. Can't miss that today. I did not get time for lunch yesterday but that will not hurt me. Homesickness has not set in. We do not have time for it.

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