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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Wednesday and we are still stuck

Okay, whose dream was it to be stranded on a tropical island. Don't everyone raise their hands at once. It wasn't me, thats for sure. By now you know of our plight. We are being as patient as we can. Donna is holding up very well. She is working on her tan. Everyone is getting along. We just got out of an update meeting but nothing much new to report. We are looking into going to the Dominican Republic to fly out but we may still have to go through the international airport in P-A-P. We are not getting much in the way of news about the airport but the roads to the city are closed. We would, of course, fly from Jacmel to P-A-P and then on to Santo Domingo, and then on to the USA. That is presently a dream and not a reality. No one is in danger and the weather is nice so we will just wait it out. We used Congressman LaHood's office to notify the American Embassy in P-A-P that we are here and in no danger. We just wanted to be on their radar, in case of emergency evacuations and they were not aware of our plight. There is a joke circulating that the Peoria Air guard will fly in a C-130 to Jacmel. Word is they were the first to land a C-130 here in the past. I presently doubt that will happen. Some bad news, some one messed with the TV and we've lost the signal to it and they can't watch Dr Phil & Oprah, or the Olympics. Lots of books to read, games to play, ocean to watch etc. We may go to the scenic waterfall tomorrow and back to the nice beach on Friday to pass the time. I went to Jacmel to market today and it was very crowed and busy. Donna wanted more wine, so we went to 2 stores to get some. One of the reds was bottled in P-A-P and cost $ 3.00 USA bottle and all so it may be really great? stuff.. Ha! OOOPs, a UN truck just pulled up and I'll need to go.

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