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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Help! We are stuck in Haiti!

Nothing is ever easy. We learned late yesterday that American Airlines had canceled all flights to and from Haiti on February 14, the day we were to fly out. Then we found out that all flights on February 15 are full. We MAY leave on February 16 to at least Miami. Then we will have to stay over night, in $259.00/night rooms, and fly to Chicago on Friday. There we will have to split up on separate flights to get to Peoria some time in the afternoon. Our travel agent, at Suzi Davis travel, worked late last night and most of today to assist us. We owe here big time. As I write this at 5PM EST. American will be flying tomorrow, if there is no further civil disturbances in P-A-P. All we can do here is sit, wait, and pray. We have stayed close to the compound just in case of problems. People have found out and a few have come to us for medical problems. There is a beach close by. Donna and I completed the Bible study that we'd put off and did not have time for. Josh & I set up the wireless network and with his laptop and wireless card we now have two very busy computer terminals for emails. Our service is via satellite and when the rains come we loose our signal and our TV. There is a small library here and everyone's spirits are remaining positive. This has been a wonderful team and everyone gets along very well, in spite of conditions. We are short on food but we may break down and purchase more Haitian food. They did restock the beer, soda, and found a few bottles of wine. All of us do not have a reserve supply of our prescription medications so tomorrow, I will improvise some alternate therapies. Maybe I'll consult the voodoo doctor for assistance. Ha!
I ask for your prayers. The meeting that I was to attend on Wednesday night will go on with out me. Donna's hour at perpetual adoration will somehow get covered. Simply put we do not have to put ourselves in harm's way just to get home. So help us with your prayer support, as we continue to pray for you.

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Jane Gray said...

Hey Ed
Thanks to John K I received your blog. Thanks to you I know what has been going down there. I think and pray for everyone everyday, not being on the trip this year has been harder than I thought it would be. I miss everyone so much. Sounds like you had a very good mission. Lots of excitment and adventure, lots of rum punch flowing. Have a safe trip home. jane