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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sunday morning

It's early Sunday morning and the computer is available. I just get started at it is time to switch the power. We have electricity from EDH here in Haiti. That means that it is typically Haitian, quite erratic. Fortunatly we have a back up Caterpillar generator. The EDH electricity is usually off from 6 AM till 2PM on most days but many weekend days it is on all the time. Go figure! So now, with EDH power I can continue.
The rain Friday night was quite intense and almost filled the wading pool that we've inflated to bathe the Haitian children in prior to scabies treatment application. Yes, baths are rare for them. Anyhow, with "water from the sky" in the pool, the Haitians dumped it out and told us that it was no good. Compared to most of the water here in Haiti, that is a joke. We also had a problem that during the storm, the gate keeper for our compound allowed 85 Haitians to come in out of the rain. They were waiting outside the compound in make shift shelters for the clinic to open, as they do every night. We had not planned on seeing that many patients on our last 1/2 day so now what to do? The other funny thing about that is picturing 85 people in Esperidon's house which is small and already filled with his very large family. As it worked out, we managed to see 75 patients and were finished by noon. Inventory in the pharmacy will be easy as we have very little left. We also heard from the family that we treated last Monday from America. You may recall that they showed up late at night with a pregnant lady who was having very painful contractions. She made it to Ft Lauderdale and has been in & out of the hospital twice since she has been in the USA and someone finally diagnosed a kidney stone which was the main source of the pain, etc. We are not equipped to diagnose that properly here. It is a happy ending for all of us. The small girl was back for treatment to her severe burns and they are looking much better. We have shown her family members how to continue treatment and sent home the necessary supplies. Al totaled, we have seen over 22oo patients, Dr Lori has pulled almost 300 teeth, and we feel that we have accomplished our goals.
Our Saturday in town was fun. The shopping crew was successful in their bargain hunting. The 4 PM wedding stared at 4:45PM and that is again, Haitian. The Ambians was totally ours for most of the night and it is always eye opening to watch the people on the streets from the balcony of the Ambians. Our dinner, which was to be served at 5: 30 came out at 6PM and they served the rice and beans last, after most of us were done. The pomfreys (French fries) were cold but tasted good. This year, I tried the goat, after all, and I liked it. The portions of fish (species unknown) was large and filled with bones. Donna had the beef on a stick with vegetables and it was also tasty. Every time we get food in Haiti it is overcooked, but that's probably a good thing. Today, we have lots of people still in bed. Seems a storm came up overnight, again, and drove the roof dwellers inside, soaking wet. Quite a commotion. We also have one person (who wishes to remain anonymous) who kept throwing up all night. Today is another prayer service, a French toast breakfast with bacon, and a day at the nice beach. It's time for others to get on line so I'll close. God bless all of you.

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