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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Saturday night, is this really our last night here?

We are just back from dinner at a nearby hotel. It was great. Good food, California wine, a pool for Donna to swim in. We could not ask for more here in Haiti. We were forced to go to the hotel for dinner as we have eaten all of the food reserves and some of Dick's stash of food. We are out of toilet paper- a major crisis, for sure. We were up at 4 AM today to see the lucky 5 who left today. They had a 3 1/2 house wait at lovely(Ha!) Jacmel airport. They got to watch 2 planes come and go before theirs finally came in. They made their connections in P-A-P and we just heard that all are on their way home or where ever their destination was. They were very happy to get to the USA.
Much of the group went on a hike today up the mountain. My knee decided to act up and Dr. Jeremy checked it over and we concurred that my Birkenstocks were the problem. As soon as I switched shoes the pain went away. That's a good thing as we have quite a hike at the Miami airport tomorrow. Tonight the TV is broken again. Someone switched channels and messed it up again. Dick will be so happy when we leave. So no Olympics tonight and no report from Daytona. We are to head for the airport at 5:15AM so it will be early to bed and hope we can get some sleep. We did get many phone calls today and everyone is having problems with the delay in transmission. All have a tendency to speak and not wait for it to go back and forth, me included. We will likely hold a prayer service at the Jacmel or P-A-P airport as we will not be able to go to Mass on Sunday. We are all on the same plane to Miami but on two different flights from Miami to Chicago. Our bus is supposed to be there at 10 PM Sunday night so it will be a long day. Donna and I finished our Bible study today and we both finished another book. Yes, we are bored..
I will try to finish this on Tuesday or Wednesday when I am back in Peoria. I plan to include some of our pictures on this site so you can experience part of our trip to this beautiful country. I do want to thank you so very much for all of your prayers and support. It has kept our spirits up. This team has been amazing. We have had NO team fights or raised voices or even minor disputes. Everyone has gotten along so well and it will be hard to say goodbye. This morning was rough to wish the five farewell. Your forecast in Illinois will be hard to adjust to from this 85 degree weather. I hope our house is warm when we finally get there. Keep praying. We may be home, safe and sound soon...

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