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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Haiti politics

It seems that our problems stem from alleged voter fraud form the election last week. There is talk of several thousand ballots found burning in a P-A-P dump. Preval seems to have the majority and some group of international politicians are hoping to declare him president fo the country can move foreword. Meanwhile we wait. The American embassy has been notified we are here. A request, in jest, was to get The Donald (Donald Trump) to come and get us in his helicopter. We have way to much time on our hands to think of these ideas. We now have a new phone with a 309 area code. It is a VOIP (voice over internet protocol) but the signal still goes to the satellite so we are weather dependent. Tomorrow we will go to the main tourist attraction in this area, a waterfall and a clear mountain pool. It is reputed that we will have to climb down, via rope, to get to it. We will see who is brave and who is not. Some have flights out on Saturday. Donna and I along with the rest are to leave on Sunday. We have chartered a Peoria Charter coach to come to O'Hare to pick us up as there are not enough seats on American from Chicago to Peoria and our crates and bags will not fit into a large van. Friday we will again try to go to the Ti Mouloge beach that we enjoyed on Sunday. One bit of good news: if we are still here on Sunday night the Karnival will be big and exciting. When I rode to town today, all the streets were filled with people. It is hard to describe in words, the small crowded streets teeming with people. The market with the narrow aisles and food of every description. The dominates here are excellent. We had a native dish with rice and vegetables for dinner this evening. Some are getting tired of rice. Donna and I are enjoying it. We also have fresh baked bread that is very tasty. Tonight there are millions of stars in the sky and a gorgeous moon rise in the east so I am off to star gaze before I hit the sack. You are in our prayers.

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