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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Beautiful Sunrise

After no sleep on Monday night and all day Tuesday, the sunrise this morning, a Wednesday, still came too early. Welcome to Haiti. It's morning, the dogs are barking, the goats bleating, and theta darn rooster (Sparky) is still alive. Also, at 6AM the power goes off and my neighbor, Phil Luciano's, he of Peroria Journal Star fame,machine stops working and he wakes up. The day is beautiful, there are some clods and it's 70 degrees.
Our bus was early on Monday night and we made good time. We were so early that we spent 40 minutes at the Des Plaines oasis. Nothing but McDonald's was open. Got to O'Hare in plenty of time to watch the airport awaken. We only moved our bags 3 times this year to get to be able to check in with American. Flight to Miami smooth & on time. 30 Minute walk to the next gate was good exercise but quite a surprise. No plane! Mechanical problems, so we waited. Waited 90 minutes for another plane to arrive so we could continue on. Many of the group ate at the Mexican restaurant so I tagged along. Smart me ordered Chicken Caesar Salad. The rest ordered Mexican food. Bad Mistake. The food was prepared by Cubans and extremely hot & spicy.
Finally to Haiti. Airbus plane was less than 1/2 full, so room to stretch. Usual pandemonium at P-A-P airport. Chinese Fire Drill time. We have narrow window of time to catch local plane. There are no lights at any runways so planes only fly during daylight. We had to get our bags, clear customs, clear the airport, stuff our carry-ons and our selves into a small bus, and drive like crazy to the other end of the airport. At the "commuter" airport we are told that we are too late for the plane. 17 people with no way to get to Jacmel. Lots of talking and we switch airlines. It was a great flight over the mountains. Donna and I are in the second seat and the view was spectacular. Supper ready when we arrive. Relaxed a bit and started to unpack the medications from Europe. Soon, our bags that traveled over the mountains arrive and we finish unpacking. The only breakage is a burst container of salsa, and a container of parmesean cheese. That made a mess in two bags, for sure. At 10 PM, it is time for me to sleep and that brings you to the here and now and it's breakfast time so I'll close off. Thanks for you support and especially your prayers.

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