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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday July 22, 2009 Lunch time

I am dragging a bit today. I did get to bed at 9 PM but had a rough night. There were severely loud thunder crashes over night. I could not cool down in spite of holding the fan that I am using in my face. It might be that I can look towards Friday and also look back at the past two weeks work. We have another team member down with GI problems. Last night it was vomiting-today loose stools. Dr’s Sara and Ron have been busy.
We saw over 300 patients again yesterday and it seem like we have had that same number today by lunch time. There are lots of small children so I have to grind up Griseofulvin tablets to make up the needed dosages of the Griseofulvin suspension. It is a slow process.
We are getting close on many items and the next two periods will be tough. I do not want to leave many bags packaged. Ooops, I have now dozed off twice as I write this preparatory document for the blog. It does not bode well for the rest of the afternoon.
Now it is 5 PM and we finished at 4:30 PM. A young girl came in with a broken leg that seemed to take everyone to care for. The team is on edge today. I think that the work, the stress, the homesickness, and the heat have finally taken their toll. We have heard from Papa Dick and I understand that a conference is in order and soon as we have to call him back.
Team is off to the beach and I understand that we are going to Son-son’s tonight to celebrate Eric’s birthday. I have lots to do in preparation for inventory so this will be very short. I hope the internet is still up.

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