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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday July 14

For those who have been here before, you will recall Dieudonne’s arrival with hand claps and whistles. Add to those sound the noise that Esperidon (Don or Asparagus) makes as he rakes he fallen leaves with his tree branch, add the sound of the nearby goats, and finally, the crashing waves and you will understand the symphony playing as I begin the day. The breeze here on the south east corner of the third floor is wonderful. I’ll need to rearrange the fans so I can sleep better tonight than I did last night.
The luggage truck arrived after team meal. I must report that David C ate the meal and not his usual peanut butter & bread meal. I was impressed. I did not keep track of the time it took to unpack the bags. I do know my clean and organized pharmacy is no longer. Today’s first project will be to restore some order.
Team reports that they had two O.J. Simpson runs through O’Hare and Miami airports. Surprisingly their entire luggage made it with them. Very little was broken. TSA in Peoria thoroughly inspected their bags, even opening and inspecting the ceiling fans that were in sealed cartons.
Every one is enjoying the Prestige and the Haitian coffee. Jon Wagner will serve as our team cook. We should have the usual oatmeal breakfast soon. Most of the older team members are awake but very few of the youngsters.
It is now almost 5 PM. Much of the team is off to the beach. We started clinic today around 10 AM and have seen a ton of patients. They are still tabulating the count. We we went out around 8 AM there must have been over 300 people waiting to get in. Since Pharmacy was up and ready we started to see patients earlier than planned. There were the usual rough spots but all in all it was a good day. I am very pleased with the volunteers that have been assigned to me for this team. They really got a work out today and did an outstanding job.
Lots of kids with fungal infections were seen today and that requires that we compound the medication. We call it the “Greasy Grind” as we grind up the required number of Griseofulvin tablets and suspend the powder in a solution of Ora-Blend. Our thanks to the May team for the bubble gum flavoring agent to mix with it. So, thank you, Mark and Phyllis.
BTW the revealing surprise for the team was the fact that we had washed the fans, both floor and ceiling, but, more importantly, we also washed every window in the clinic. Inside and out and cleaned every screen. It is so wonderful to look out at the beautiful view from clean windows and enjoy the additional air from unclogged window screens.
I will try to get out on the internet and post this. The internet has been quite slow.
Almost forgot. I was mooned by all of the new pharmacy volunteers and Dr Sara today. I’ll give out details a little later.
Internet slow but I just heard we saw 173 patients today.

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I am back from out of town and would happily moon you if i could...