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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A tired guy on Monday

I am very tired this morning. I got to bed at midnight last night and awoke at the usual 5 AM today. After the beach we sat around in the dining area visiting. I made several bags of microwave popcorn for the group. Boyer showed up and took a group of us to the Bee Club. That was quite an experience. Andreta was at the door selling alcohol. There were several young children present and that surprised us. The music was loud and the group of us who went to the club did a little dancing and people watching. I paid little attention to the time. It seemed that we stayed there about 1 hour. There was a $ 1.00 USD cover to get in to the club. The DJ did help us by speaking English some of the time. The music stopped and some sort of a program started so we left to return home. Not all of us could fit on the Toyota so we went to Son-son’s. He opened his gates for us to wait inside until the Toyota returned to pick us up. As I was preparing for bed, I was called out to assist with an IV for one of the team members. I will go as far as to say that it was a female. She had vomited 3 times and was quite nauseated. I’m sure I will pay for the late night all day today.
It is now almost 5 PM and time to sit and relax before dinner. Internet is busy-what else is new. We are so spoiled back home. Everyone gets very frustrated by this slow loading connection. I have no other answer except to say that it is not busy early in the mornings but slows down at noon and in the evening so I suspect that it is a satellite traffic issue.
We have another sick team member. His cough has finally caught up with him. He is being well cared for and is resting. Again, I am bound by the code of the mission not to cause any unneeded family worries.
We managed to see 327 patients today and we are starting to run low on certain items. Our September team will need to order Chewable Children’s Vitamins with Iron and lots of ace inhibitors. The bathroom vanity that I shipped over 1 month ago finally arrived today. Previous team members will get a chuckle out my note that the pharmacy sore room key was lost for a couple of hours today. Neva found it for me.
Internet slow. I'll publish this tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

sounds like the stories that Cori and Molly keep telling... maybe you should bring home the IV equipment.


mary k said...

Thinking of you there and enjoy your blogs.

Your Sis