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Monday, July 20, 2009

Sunday July 19

There are many still in bed at 7:30 AM. It must have been a late night for all. I finally turned in at 11:30 PM. Our meal at Cyvadier Plage was as good as ever. The only problem was that I did not get the meal that I ordered. Christophe, the owner, made a dessert similar to Bananas Foster and allowed me to help him to serve it. He tells me that a video was made during our March team visit and he tells me I have a starring role. I must find a copy of that video so see just how much of a fool I made of myself. The band showed up and we laughed and danced for quite awhile. I do not recall what time it was when we left the place.
Today is another hot and humid day here. Our prayer service will begin around 9 this morning. Jon, he cook, promises a breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and bacon. That will be a nice treat. We will leave for the beach around 1 PM. Some of the team found bargains in Jacmel yesterday. I am saving packing peanuts and bubble wrap for the team to use to transport their treasures.
We discovered a pinhole leak this morning in the water pumping system. We will have to wait until tomorrow for Louchard to come out and check it out.
The internet is running very slow but that allows me to prepare this and maybe do a better job of checking for spelling errors before I publish it. So far, no one has complained about my errors. Renel just arrived with news that we have patients expecting to be seen.
Ooops.. it is now 7 PM and we are back from the beach and just in time. It is pouring rain. The beach was as busy as ever. I am getting teased for my pink swim suit and pink t shirt that I am wearing. Everyone had a great time today at the beach. We ate lobster, grilled fish complete with head and eyes, pikle (a spicy cole slaw), fried plantains, rice & beans, Prestige, Rum and two bottles of wine that Ron picked up along the way to the beach. One surprise was the arrival of Edzsa, one of my pharmacy translators. He came to take us to meet his mother who lived down the beach from where we were at at Ti Moulage. Bruce, Carol, Becky Novak, and I trekked down the beach to a small home right on the beach. Some of us were smart enough to wear footwear. We met his mother and his sister and two of his cousins. That means that story that he lives in a home with 9 people and one bed. I observed two beds is not the real story. Ha!
We also had two Americans join us, One we met last night at the Cyvadier Plage and
the other, and was an at instructor from Marengo Iowa. We had a great time talking about the towns around Marengo from my childhood. It made me a bit homesick.
We just made it home before the storm only to find that we had locked a door for which we have left the key inside. Picture, if you can, using a wine opener (now why would I have a wine opener with me?) to break in. Gee, I wonder if Papa Dick is reading this?
Monday AM Internet working halfway


Josh Bradshaw said...

I'm still reading every post! I miss you and wish I could be there.

Anonymous said...

mom has hit her wall of missing you and you could see it very clearly on Sunday as Molly, Cori and their friends regaled us with drunken stories. Mom was sitting at the green table with Elise and Grace and enjoying their simplicity. She is ready for you to come home, for sure. Glad to hear all is well. I looked at Peggy's pics on FB today and look forward to seeing you this weekend. I love you, dad.


Anonymous said...

Love your blogs. They're interesting and informative...also a tad humorors. Wishing you well in all you do.

Josh Bradshaw said...

Sounds like a good crew - still wish I was there. Take care and be safe!