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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wednesday July 22, 2009 evening

Back from Son-son’s and the birthday celebration for Eric’s %$# . I’ll let you insert the number. The FOTCOG band showed up and the team danced and drank for quite awhile. The team drew quite a crowd of Haitians around Son-son’s gate watching the crazy Blanc’s. Tonight’s dinner was a special goat meal that the Haitian girls cooked for us. We have now seen over 2300 patients. I told the team hat I had only stocked medications for 2300 so the pharmacy would not be open tomorrow. I am such a jokester. Tomorrow will be another hard day. We will likely see around 175 patients, have lunch, and then do inventory. The word is that we have a party at Boyer’s tomorrow night so I’ll need to get my inventory entered and off to the September team, if possible, before I party. We will have to get up at 3 AM on Friday in order to drive to the airport in Port-au-Prince. That will be a memorable trip for the team as there are 365 turns between Jacmel and PAP through the mountains. In PAP they will see more of the poverty up close and personal.
It is after 9 PM and I am one tired guy so I’ll close this till morning.
Internet is up so I’ll send this post. It is our last day here. Sorry I have been unable to send more pictures. It takes so long to upload them.


Anonymous said...

safe travels, dad. we are really looking forward to your return home.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the great updates! The team sounds like they have done an amazing job! I can't wait to hear more stories in a few weeks.
Good luck for the last, heart breaking day!