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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wednesday and mid week exhaustion

It is the noon break. The internet is running very slow so I’ll type this in a word file and post it later. We saw lots of small children today. We had to do the “Greasy Grind” twice already today and I suspect we will prepare the Griseofulvin suspension several more times this afternoon. I have been frantically looking for all of the Tylenol drops that I had purchased for this mission. They are no where to be found. Either I have shipped them ahead and are still somewhere in the Lynx Air system or they were all removed from the team luggage. In any event, we have none so, we will be using up more of the 60 ml solution than we had planned on using, So far, that is the only real problem we have had. I never did find the extra permethrin cream.
It is now 5:30 PM and much of the team has again gone to the beach. This time they supposedly went to the small beach. I still have not seen that place. Someday, I’ll not be so tired at this time of night. My crew has done another fantastic job in the pharmacy. We are so far ahead on everything. I plan to let Cari and Scott spend some time in other areas tomorrow. Then I can send Rebecca out to see more of that goes on at other areas of the clinic. I do not have the total on the number of patients that we have seen today. I do know that it will be a high number.
Oh my, the team is back from the beach and I have not made the shower and now there are umpteen people wanting to shower. Maybe I’ll wait till bedtime for that.
I hear the TV on in the next room. The internet is slow but the TV works. Why is that?
I am still typing this on the word document and posting if and when the internet is open.
Now it is almost 8:30 PM. The team meeting is over. Some interesting cases were presented today. I am trying to get pictures for you to look at. I must report that Dave Coleman is shocking me by eating each meal that we have enjoyed. I have, not once, seen him with a peanut butter sandwich. He showed me his plate at the beginning of dinner and his CLEAN plate at dinner’s end. I am so proud of him. I do need to report that Rebecca is so well trained at counting to 70 that when she diced up the hot peppers for dinner this evening they were neatly arranged in piles of 70. I am such a difficult boss of my helpers. Speaking of helpers, we are using an interpreter to assist us in the pill packing area until Dr. Ron and Nurse Peggy arrive tomorrow. He is 19 years old and has fallen in love with our Caroline. I doubt that she is aware of him. Scott and Caroline have made him feel comfortable, shared Facebook stories, played their music on the Ipods, and tried to get him to hydrate. He is, however, Haitian, therefore his work ethic is not very good, and he is terribly messy. Tomorrow should be his last day in pharmacy and he will be very disappointed to find that Scott and Caroline will not be there first thing in the morning. He also quits at 3 PM no matter what is going on.
I want to encourage you to check out the other blog at I need to do the same thing soon. I have finally figured out that Jailson is from Brazil. He is presently teaching Rebecca Portuguese here in the third floor. They had a great conversation at the lunch table about Brazilian kick boxing. Most of the young ones are on the third floor balcony. The rooftop is off limits and I am pleased to say that all have abided by the rule. I must admit that it is a tough rule for me as I love to lie on the roof and watch for falling stars.
Noww it is 5 AM and the internet is working so I'll post this.

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awoke mom this morning at 7:45 by opening the garage door and setting off your alarm! I thought you'd enjoy the image of Campbell and i dropping by to get his swim trunks and finding her still asleep at that time. he gets to spend the entire day at CCP golfing and swimming andhis siblings are joining him this afternoon.