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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Today is what day?

Hello from Cyvadier. It is nearly 7 PM and we are done for the day. Up at 5:45 AM. Thanks you Sparky the rooster. One of these days…… will be chicken soup.
I am pleased (?) to report that our neighbors to the West have returned to the rock breaking exercise that they have done on previous missions. This means that from sun rise to sunset you are treated with the musical sound of the sledge hammer hitting the rocks and the exclamations when it seems to have slipped and hit them instead. At the moment there are two of them so it is quite entertaining.
We had expected to see 30 patients today on our experiment for an early refill clinic. We won the raffle and 30 people showed. However: Dr Nelson was 1 hour late due to delivering a baby, or so he says. 25 of the people we expected showed. Three people show up that were given incorrect return to clinic May dates by yours truly and I feel very bad about that. One showed up who should have come on July 10 but had “extremely important business” on that day, and we had one patient who had a RTC slip but was not listed on our report. We will need to see one very sick patient during the July clinic.
Today went better than I expected and we had very few problems. Some of the usual start up confusion like where is the ??????. I am happy that I have been here often enough to be able to help out with many non pharmacy related items.
We did loose one jar of jelly in transit-it may have been strawberry and ½ half bag of M & M’s. We have had to wash two bags as a result. All of the ceiling fans need to be cleaned as well as the personal fans so I’ll be busy on Sunday and Monday. We hope to enlist Neva and Andreta to help with this. We caught Neva sleeping today so we know they have the time. I may also ask them to WASH THE WINDOWS! They are very bad as are the screens. If we got the lint off the screens they would let more air inside-I think!
All 3 of us slept well last night. I’m up on third only until team arrives, then I’ll move down to the boy’s room.
We had a big lunch, even though it was rushed, today and none of us are hungry for supper. We have some cold Prestige and some cold Sauvignon Blanc so I may end up drinking my supper tonight. I wonder why I drink so much beer here in Haiti as opposed to Peoria?
There are some surprises in the clinic pharmacy inventory that I need to investigate more carefully tomorrow. I am too tired tonight to think about it. We had a beautiful sunrise and sunset so it is a great day. Thanks for reading this.


Sue said...

Travel to Haiti is always an adventure! Can't wait to be there with you, Carol and Bruce. By the way, this is my first blog ever!!

campbell said...

hope you are having we all love you at dad's and i think you need a hunting liscense. sparky's going down.

campbell said...

hope haiti is greati right now.

well you should get a hunting liscense. Sparky's going down.
love you lots

Anonymous said...

HI, dad. Glad to hear that all is well. I told Campbell to email you so we'll see if he actually does. He and Simon are golfing this morning and Elise is at her Camp. Mom was in good spirits when i spoke with her last night and all seems well in Peoria at the moment. Take care and be careful down there!!!

We love you.

Chris and Heather

Martin said...

The beer there is great! That's why you drink it there instead of Peoria! I'm craving one right now at 8 in the morning.

Sharon said...

FYI: Sparky doesn't like the water guns!