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Saturday, July 04, 2009

July 4,2009 The Haiti blog resumes

It ‘s about 24 hours till I head for Haiti on another medical mission with the Friends of the Children of Haiti ( I will be going down about 1 week prior to the full team to try to solve some of the problems we are having with Haitian patients requiring refills. I hope the experiment works this time as it was not very successful in March of this year. We had expected about 50 patients per day and were lucky on one day to see 12. Perhaps we have learned from our mistakes. Only time will tell.
This team is composed of 23 volunteers. Thirteen are experienced and 10 have never been to Haiti. We have 9 men and 14 women. Darn, I was outnumbered in March also. There are three married couples, one engaged couple, one set of twins, one mother-son combo, and 3 mother daughter (or is it 4 when I count the twins?). According to our team leader, Sue Behrens, I will have 4 helpers in the pharmacy. That should prove interesting. There are a lot of young people on this mission so I may have to act my age for a change.
The team list is as follows:
Eric Behrens Sue Behrens
Ron Bush Dave Coleman
Caroline Cusack Katie Cusack
Peggy Gebhardt Scott Hultgren
Jan Lundeen Ed Monroe
Christina Myers Jailson Nascimento
Rebecca Novak Becky Reeser
Chris Robinson Sara Rusch
Anna Spika Mary Ellen Spika
Bruce Steiner Carol Steiner
Jon Wagner Sue Waltrip
Jordan Wilson.

Present plans call for us to leave Peoria on a 6 AM flight and arrive in Port-au-Prince around 4 PM on the same day. Bruce, Carol and I will leave Peoria on July 6 and the team will follow on July 13. We hope to be back in Peoria on July 24.

This looks to be another great team and a great experience. I’ll try to update the blog daily but the internet is so iffy from the clinic. Please keep us in your prayers.

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Jack Allen said...

The team will be in my thoughts.