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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday March 25, 2010

Hello from Cyvadier
Supper is finished, bags are packed, inventory mostly complete, showered, sipping some nice red wine, and finishing up a wonderful team experience. We managed to see over 220 patients in out=r last half day. Lots of little ones. I am still enjoying making the older men and women giggle when I snatch their dossiers out of their hands as I prepare to fill the medication orders.
I ant to especially thank Carl Mikota for being a spectacular pharmacist and putting up with the old man these two weeks. We made quite a team and I would love to work with him again soon. I also want to that the rest of the team for all their help and support. And, yes, I will still be sending out some more of those emails that you grew to love.
This will be short tonight. The luggage truck is on it's way. We will get to fly from Jacmel to Port-au-Prince via Tortug (19 passengers) and MAF (5 passengers) planes. This tome I am on the small plane and that will be exciting.
We are all excited to be headed for home. We arrive in Miami sometime around 3 PM EDT and should be home by 10:30 PM CDT.
Thank you all for your prayers, comments, and support.
I hope to post pictures when I get home and have a better internet connection.

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