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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hello to Donna

I tried to call you tonight on Skype. Checked all settings and my equipment seemed to be working okay. I do not know why you could not hear me. I just wanted to say hello. No big deal. I will see you on Friday.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Edward, I am about to go out for a walk this morning. I have not made it back to the gym and am now thinking about going at 5:30 pm from now on yet yesterday I still did not make it as I was working out back and twisted my ankle just enough that I thought it would not allow me to do the group power set so I biked for an hour and my legs made it through. I plan to clean the house today as it is supposed to rain all day but after raining very mildly overnight it seems to be stopped for now so the idea of a walk befor the rain starts up again and then cleaning house sounds good. I will close for now. I pray for your safe and on time return. Love, Donna