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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday March 18, 2010

Only 345 patients today so you can see we are just loafing here. Ha. We even had two show up in their truck after closing and we will see them tomorrow. My friends, Nego and Ellen brought them from Seguin. Ooops, need to make a mad dash for the outside as it is raining here at 8:20 PM and the laundry is still on the lines. It has looked like rain all day long and there was a cool breeze when we closed the pharmacy around 5 PM and I sat out on the veranda and enjoyed a glass of white wine. This time it costs $ 6.00 USD instead of $ 10.00 USD. I’ll drink to that.
I hope to post some team members pictures along with this post.
Reg is settling in to the lab and Bill was also in there today. Carl and I have really enjoyed the extra help in the pharmacy. Matt, our medical student, came in today and did drugs with us and I had to pull the mooning joke on him.
I am not supposed to talk about Amanda’s cough so I will not say a word about her Reese’s chasers.
Ann is keeping us well fed, Tonight’s birthday celebration for Debbie went very well and the smoke detectors remained silent. Oh, what smoke detectors??
Tonight’s team complaint for the FOTCOH BOD is that there are not enough chairs outside on the third floor balcony for a team meeting.. Sorry, bit of an inside joke.
Pharmacy is still finding items in various boxes. Today the two cases of Penicillin VK 125mg.5ml appeared. That was about 1 hour after we needed a bottle for a child. I am still looking for the furosemide and I may try to purchase some tomorrow in Jacmel. That is the only item we are short of at this time.
People are here wanting to use this computer so I’ll say good night.
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