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Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday March 16,2010

It is almost 9 PM. We are winding down from a long day. Encountered delays at Miami leaving. Had to circle PAP to land due to traffic. That was a shock. It took forever to get our luggage in the old, hot air freight terminal. One tote did not make it. We hope it will turn up soon. I flew Tortug to Jacmel. Hot and humid flight. Glad to see clinic is okay. Saw lots of tents in PAP and quite a few in Jacmel and several damaged buildings. Had lunch and began to unpack the freight that had arrived. Luggage truck finally arrived after flat tire along the way. Bags will wait till morning before we finish unpacking. Some pills packed today. I am tired and heading for bed after I try to get FOTCOH blog posted. I understand that WEEK played my interview from yesterday at the Peoria airport. I hope I did not screw up too much.

Love to all. Thanks for the prayers


marlena said...

Looking forward to these updates, Ed. Glad you all made it safely. Sure wish we were there! Blessings to all!

Melissa said...

Thanks for your post and I am glad you all arrived safely. Please tell my Mom, Carol, I am praying for her.