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Friday, May 26, 2006


TGIF Something is wrong. I got done at 4:30 PM. Unheard of with this team. Guess we only saw 250 or so patients today and 268 yesterday. There are no new babies to report. There are lots of kids, lots of worms, lots of scabies. The new human form of Ivermectin is easier to work with. Thanks to John Preckshot at Preckshot Professional Pharmacy. You are a hero here to the pharmacy team. Our order from Illinois that we sent about a week and one-half ago came in and we jumped on the quinapril and docusate. We also got the shoes that Betty Schlacter mailed to Lynx air before we left.

I am forbidden to discuss Lisa’s wet spot and Jody’s hot ___. It will be up to them to explain how I got in the middle of that mess. I am an innocent participant who somehow got caught in the middle, but ask them to explain more of the details. I am trying to exit myself from me. Yes, my face is still RED!!

No major problems today but lots of patients and some unusual quiet periods when all of the providers gather around an unusual case and do not see patients. CJ is getting more medical experience than he may have bargained for but, again, I leave it to him to explain to whomever it concerns.

Everyone here is getting along well. Lots of fun and laughs. We do eat and meet later than February. Brice falls asleep in the meetings before I do so I have yet to get caught napping. No MAJOR out of stocks at the pharmacy but we are low on Benadryl and children’s cough syrup but we have 6 gallon of BB Sirop to use (UGH) and limited containers to dispense it in. My helpers are terrific and I am very happy with them. Lots of kids today and I am so happy that I brought the bracelets. I love placing them on the kid’s arms. I am working to get CJ to visit the high school next week and MAYBE I can duck out and visit Jean Dessin at his home. Tomorrow night, we go to downtown Jacmel to the Ambiance and Sunday to the beach at Ti Moulage. We had goat for dinner two nights ago and tuna noodle last night. Tonight is mystery dinner. I found out that the Mac & Cheese boxes got soaked with some sort of liquid and are unsuable. CJ is still crying about that. I did get my two bottles of Sauvignon Blanc and have emptied one in 2 days and the other is in the refrigerator chilling. Big rain storm last night and lots of water to clear off the second floor deck. HOT and HUMID today. I just showered and I am already sticky.

I have to find my Memory stick so I can transfer this to the main computer and post. I am still hoping to hear back from some of you.

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