Tracking Ed Monroe as he travels to Haiti and other exotic(?) places

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Please pray

I will not give details yet but we have two team members that we are sending by plane to Miami for medical care that we cannot do here in Haiti. Please pray for them today. Later, when their families have been notofied, I will give you more details.

Please pray. Thank you


Anonymous said...

I just read the blog. I didn't know if you had my email address but in case you are needing to contact me, here it is:

I pray that whoever the team members are, that they will be OK.
Thank you.
Ann Merry

Anonymous said...

Hi CJ and Ed hope all is going well. I have tried several ways to e-mail and you will probably get duplicates. Went swimming this afternoon and having dinner with friends tonight. See you Fri.