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Friday, May 12, 2006

Packing for Haiti once again

The Friends of The Children of Haiti team for May 2006 is about to leave for another medical mission to Cyvadier, Haiti. The political climate in Haiti is less volatile than we encountered in February so we may not get stuck there on this trip. The weather promises to be hot and humid. Here in Peoria today it is cool (45 degrees) and windy. Not a very nice spring. This team has 20 members and Dick & Barb Hammond are already in country. We will have 9 medical providers so I will be busy in the pharmacy. I am returning on this trip as no other pharmacist was available to travel at this time and I would have sat home and worried about the team instead of relaxing. Yes, I do not seem to be able to say no most of the time. I will have the pleasure of escorting a 16 year old young man on this trip. His father is a business colleague of mine and he lives in Missouri. He plans to be a church missionary. This will be an experience for him, working in a poor third world country. This is a 10 day mission trip so it will be shorter and faster than our 14 day February trip. I will take along my laptop so I can hook into the wireless network there and publish to this blog. That is fun and, with the laptop, I will not have to wait so long in line to get a terminal. I plan to take my web cam so I can connect with Skype phones and I also plan to take the good digital camera and try to attach photos as I write.
Please keep us in your prayers. Please write back. I enjoy hearing from you. God Bless You!

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