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Monday, May 29, 2006

Monday morning

The day at the beach was wonderful. The water was warm, the sun was not too intense, and there were quite a few people enjoying the surf & sand. The place where we hang out is still under construction but the second floor is now complete and the scaffolding has come down. When a second floor is added, holes are punched into the first floor walls to place the stabilizing boards of the scaffold, and I think that is hilarious. The holes were plugged this trip but obvious to me. Some of the wiring is roughed in and, in Haitian fashion, there are two RED wires leading from the house next door to the new building.

We enjoyed lobster, fish, rice & beans, pickly (a spicy cabbage salad), fried bread fruit and fried plantains. We gave the left-overs to the children who hovered over us. Some of the team brought inflatable balls & rafts which they gave to the children. That was nice,

My wife’s buddy, the grouchy artist, seemed to remember me. Perhaps it was because we made several purchases in February. He scored a few sales this trip but none from me. The most controversial picture was the pregnant nude which we labeled nude on Rogaine. I leave that for your imagination.

When we returned, the younger team members went to the Bee club from 7:30 to 10:30 to listen to the music and dance. Boyer, one of our main helpers, owns part of the club and Franz, another valued helper, went along to guide. I DO not think they got back at 10:30 as I was not wearing my watch.

Last night was my night on the hot seat. Jody, Jan, Christine, and Linda had questions on drugs, doses, side effects, and “What is the brand name of?” So I got out the popcorn, in loving memory of the February team, and we had a popcorn bull session. We also teased Jody about her hot ___. The inflammation is SLOWLY going down and most of the itching has stopped. Yes, I do get teased about looking at Jody’s ___. Neff said there!

Dr. Bill shared pictures with me so I hope to finish this and go back to add pictures to previous blogs. I am up early so it may happen. The weather is very hot and humid, especially early this morning. That is not a good sign for a Monday. No, we will work in celebration of Memorial Day, and remember our loved ones by our service.

God bless all of you. Thanks for the notes that you send to the blog. I get them right away.

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