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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Saturday afternoon

Saturday and all is well. We got done about 1 PM after a very busy day. For those who like numbers here they are. Day 1 was 89 patients, day 2 = 304 patients, day 3 = 267 patients, day 4 = 248 patients, and today 175 patients. This team, especially Bruce in crowd control has no mercy. HA! He is getting back at me for some of the evil deeds I have done to him.

We had an earlier dinner last night and I got to bed by nine. I did not stay up for the movie and got some rest. I did, however, fall asleep here at the computer earlier this afternoon and Papa Bruce made me lay down for a quick nap. I have yet to solve the laptop connection mystery. It shows me that I am connected to the network but Internet Explorer nor Mozilla will reach out to the net. My next idea is to check my firewall settings. Bother bother for all of us who brought along laptops. I emailed a February team member who successfully connected then but he had no tips.

This afternoon, as we served our last patient, a young boy of about to 10 years old fainted in the pharmacy waiting line and went into convulsions. With help from Dr Bill and others we carried him into the surgery area and started an IV. He responded slowly so we found some diazepam to inject and he did better. We ended up taking him into Jacmel to the Sister’s of Charity hospital and we will check on him this evening when we go in to town for dinner.

The bracelets that I brought along and the cars are a great hit. I get MORE smiles than ever when I put them on the children. Yes, I cry, a lot. I am a softy for these people. When I see these families with so many medical problems and financial problems it hurts. There is so much scabies again. I did get to see one of our February patients who got an Ivermectin treatment then and she was scabies free. That was a JOYFUL moment to know that what we did then really worked on a severe case. Praise the Lord!!!

Sounds like we will have a prayer service tomorrow morning and I am assigned to do the Agape service with Bruce and John. Justin will play the guitar and we have some CD’s for a sing along.

It’s getting about time to leave for town so I will be brief today. Sorry. There are some juicy stories to tell. Nancy & JC are you reading this??
You will be in our prayers.

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Ann Merry said...

Sounds like you and your team are accomplishing a lot! I enjoy reading about your work on the blog. I am glad that Lisa got to go on this trip. It is something she wanted to do for a long time. About your internet connection, when you look at the Properties of your WIRELESS Connection, you can Click on the GENERAL tab, highlight the INTERNET PROTOCOL (TCP/IP), and Click on the PROPERTIES button. The next box should have a dot in the OBTAIN AN IP ADDRESS AUTOMATICALLY..... Perhaps that might help you to connect to the internet when you are using your wireless connection. If I have explained something that is obvious, I apologize. I just thought it might be one thing to check.
I hope you continue to have a good trip. The weather here in Central Illinois is beginning to feel like Haiti....100% humidity and very hot. I will continue to pray for the mission trip and for the people you are helping.
Ann Merry