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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wednesday March 18, 2009

Sunrise was blocked again by the clouds so I just sat in the rocker and watched the waves break on the rocks. I do need to report that Zech spent another night in the IKEA lounge. I can testify that the last clicks on his laptop came at about 3 AM because it is right outside my door. I am amazed at the battery on his laptop lasted that long,

Today was Mickey’s day to work with me in the pharmacy so I can now officially announce that Mickey has done drugs in Haiti. I hope her family understands. She did a great job and is scheduled to work with Zech and me again tomorrow. Some of the team to the beach this afternoon and they report that the swimming is great. The plan for tomorrow night is a visit to Son-Son’s for okra (Fried dough with hot peppers).
One of the retired Americans who live here in the area, Jean Frederique, visited the clinic as a patient today with his wife. I happened to go to Triage as his cell phone was going off so I confiscated it, much to the surprise of the crowd. Jean thought that I was his FOTCOH pharmacist friend Bob. He had forgotten my name so he got his first dose of my water gun. As he progressed from Triage to Lab, I managed to soak him several times. I even ventured out to the provider stations to catch him again. When he came to the pharmacy he wanted a medication that we do not stock. I told him to buy it in the USA next month when he goes there to see his USA doctor. It is on the Wal-Mart $ 4.00 list so I would not advise the May team to bring him the supply.
Dr Jo’s has a new sponsor child and I hope she will share the picture that was taken of that moment. Dr Jo did manage to catch me with my ball cap and red nose and I believe that she has sent it to me to be published.
We enjoyed another great lunch and dinner today. We are not suffering in the food category. Our team meeting ran a little longer than we would have liked but it is an important learning time for all involved. I am in the process of loading pictures to my Google account and I hope that this link will help you. Here is the link: You will see pictures from this mission and several others, I hope you enjoy them all.
It is pouring down rain, yet we still have the internet. BTW, Linda Damery announced the bith today of another grandchild and all are doing well. Congratulations to Linda!
The new clock in the pharmacy works well. Thanks Gary, Jess & Sharon. However, I do NOT have any dropper bottles here. It is hard to dispense the Lugol's solution.
Okay, so the rain has slowed down the internet connection enough that I am headed for bed and will post this in the morning.


jodi said...

Hey Ed,

Thanks for hooking Tracey up with the coffee! You have a friend for life! Do me a favor and get her with your squirt gun.
Also, thank you so much for writting this blog. It has been a pleasure reading.


Whatseduptonow said...

Lifetime is a long time but I plan to take you up on the offer