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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday March 12, 2009

It is 4 PM and we are done for the day. Only 10 of the 30 patients showed up today and we will have to see 3 of the 10 again next week for vaginal bleeding problems. I suspect they sat on the benches and discussed the diagnosis of the day.
That darn Sue Behrens, she insisted that I purchase two 2032 batteries for the HBGM meters and I never took the time. Well today, I could only get one of the six batteries to work. I hate it when I am so wrong. Marlena will bring more for this clinic. Thanks Marlena for the offer. Ed’s face is quite red. I am very mad at myself.

Other than that, things went smooth. Roger had been given no warning that we neede him but he was available. Yeah. Suzette came early to start packing pills and she is a great help. I was given another helper today but I have forgotten her name already. She is in school and will only come in the afternoon. She giggles a lot but works efficiently so I do not mind the giggles.
Th lock on the gate at the front door of the entrance to the pharmacy is jammed so all patients have to try to find their way in and out of the clinic.
Dr Nelson brought along a nurse from Dr Martinez hospital to assist him today. I feel like she was scared to death of us. Oh well!!

Unfortunately we discovered some problems on the dossiers from the January team but it will make for a good teaching lesson for our first full team meeting here.

I discovered a dead lizard in the lab. Now, if I were a nasty practical joker, I would place in in someone’s bed who made my life miserable during one of our mission days. Perhaps I should start a poll and see how many people favor the idea.

Not much more to report today so I’ll close and post this. Thanks for the comments from my readers.

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