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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday March 19, 2009

Okay, where I do start this evening? I have to warn you that I have been fortified with more than a little Prestige, our local Haitian beer/ So you will understand if I have more than my usual 20 spelling and grammar errors.
We started the morning with a brilliant sunrise and some great oat meal. The team was ready for the day on time in spite of the fact that many of us stayed up talking in the lounge. I finally headed for bed at 10: 30 PM.
Today was another interesting day. We had Blancs (whites) as visitors today. Sara Wallace, a nurse midwife who is trying to establish the Olive Tree Project (www. Olivetreeproject/com). She brought in two children to be seen, one being a newborn. Along with her, she brought along a pharmacist by the name of Zelda Knause. Zelda is from Alberta, Canada. I tried to chain her to the pharmacy counter but the darn lady escaped. It was fun showing her around. My helpers today in the pharmacy were Peggy, Mickey, and Zech so we had lots of blonde jokes and blonde moments. Thank goodness that Marlena is not a blonde or I would be total crazy by day’s end. Roger gets a lot of laughs from our actions and words in the pharmacy. I have been teasing all of my helpers as they learn to “Moon” right there in the pharmacy. I am sure the Haitians do not understand what is going on and I’ll bet you are wondering also.
We sent Zech to town with Boyer today and he came back wanting some banana flavored soda, I tiled him I would get him one this evening at Son-son’s. Today was also a wine run into town as all of my wines have been consumed. Boyer came back with more wine, some Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot. I did stash some of the Cote du Rhone which I am drinking as I write this note. Some of the team is recovering from last night’s dinner, the Mexican bomb. However, I was asked to provide some Colace, Surfak, and Dulcolax as an after dinner treat. I will leave it to you to translate that remark.
BTW Boyer brought back some Cohiba cigars for $ 5.00 each. Eat your heart out cigar lovers.
This seems a bit disjointed. I swear it is not the wine as much as it is the interruptions as team members pass by where I am sitting and alternately squirt me with a squirt gun or just give me a hard time. For you who are counting, we saw 271 patients yesterday and 205 today. What does that mean, you might ask? Well we believe that we DID make a difference in those people’s lives and are damn proud of it.
Wile at Son-son’s, we again saw my pill packer, Diana and her beautiful 2 ½ month old baby, Karin. Many of the team held the baby and the baby did great in spite of all the blanc faces. I understand that Diana will get married some time next month.
Papa Dick commented that with a large number of females on this team that the sound level that they generate is much louder. I am on the third floor and it sounds like I am in the middle of the second floor where most of the team is relaxing.
Message to Scott: Holly says that I am to help her just like you would. What does that mean?
New pictures are posted on the Google site.

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Scott H said...

Before you help Holly like I do, first verify she isn't wielding a rolling pin behind her back. Seriously, I should probably be a better sport about helping her with her technology woes than I am.