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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monday evening March 16, 2009

It is late. We are just finished with a long team meeting and I am very tired. Team arrived early today. Lynn finally arrived around 7 PM. Please be sure to ask Lynn to tell you where her passport is at the present time. Is it at home? Did she leave it on her last flight? Did she sell it to some Haitian?? Where is it at?

This looks to be another great team. While we will miss John, David, Liz, Rene and others, we will make do with the great group that we have. I have managed to tease each and every one of them.

I am fielding questions now from providers so I will save this for tomorrow.

Hello again. The sun is about to rise but the clouds may not give me the view that I am hoping for this morning. Zech is sleeping in the Ikea lounge and was there all night. I have no idea why he chose the lounge to sleep in. I was not the last one to bed. I know Marlena, Maureen, Zech, and Lynn were all on computers when I headed for the bed. We did manage to get Maureen up on Facebook.

The team had a great experience at PAP airport. Only two were stopped. Maureen’s bag was opened and the customs agent asked her about the medication Topamax. When she answered it must have been what he wanted to hear so he closed her bag and sent her along. It seems that Boyer had talked with this agent and his child was on Topamax so Maureen may have been set up by Boyer. Laurie was also stopped and asked to open her bag, which was another team member’s. Inside was a baggie with personal items including a bottle of Aleve. Laurie explained that it was a pain medicine. The agent asked her to take one so she complied. With that act, he sent her on. It is hard to figure. Also at PAP airport they encountered the smaller line at Immigration and got their bags in record time. They arrived at the small airport, caught the Tortug flight and were in Jacmel before 11:15 AM.

After lunch the luggage truck arrived and the team got all of the items put away. There were lots of medical supplies so some adjusting had to be made to the hallway storage of the items. That is a small area so, after I changed the light bulb, the rest of the team adjourned to the second floor balcony to sample the Prestige. I taught Tracy how to make coffee and she is now enjoying her Haitian Bleu. I teased her that with all of the designer coffee she can get in Seattle, they do not hold a candle to this blend.

We have quite a crowd outside waiting to be seen. It rained around 8 PM and was another heavy downpour. It hurts to think that those who are waiting outside in the rain have n- protection from the elements. I did notice that Luloon has her cooking fire going at her Haitian food court station.

Other team members are wanting the computer so I’ll wrap this up and post. Please know that we are all well, safe, and so happy to be serving the Haitian people.

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