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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday March 15, 2009 late evening

Hello. It is late and we must arise early in the morning. Seems our team leader, Lynn, has encountered some problems and we will need to help her solve them. We have spoken with her twice already this evening and plan to call her as soon as we get up in the morning. I do not want you to worry. Lynn is okay, safe and sound but separated from the rest of the team. I will fill in details later.

We saw about 15 patients today out of the 34 expected. We saw an additional one from the January team. You may have read that they treated a lady who had been burned in a fire and set her off to the hospital here in Jacmel. She was never treated there so we had to debride and dress the burn again today. We are having her return this clinic for more treatment. I think she still had on the original dressing from January.

We awoke this morning and traveled to 7:00 AM Mass at Sacre Coeur. We had two guests, Desaline and Renel along. Mass was in Kreole so I only understood a word or two. It also lasted 1 hour and 35 minutes but was filled with singing and music. There were lots of women, a few men, and several children at the Mass. After Mass we came back to the clinic and had breakfast and prepared for the Noon patient arrivals. We were finished by 3 PM. Dr Nelson was a little late getting here. Roger, my pharmacy helper, had to play surgical technician for Dr Nelson and his nurse. Roger came dressed in a clean white shit. Beige slacks, his best shoes and a yellow tie. I was afraid he would get all bloodied but I did not see a drop of blood or speck of dirt on his shirt afterwards. I teased him about his new job.

We had a quiet afternoon and I got in a short nap before dinner. We enjoyed a quiet dinner and lots of conversation. I called Donna around 7 and that was the day’s highlight. It seems that all is well at home and that is reassuring.

I plan to discuss the experiment I came here to perform tomorrow morning as we await the arrival of the rest of the team so I’ll make this short tonight.
I would sure appreciate any comments on this that you would care to share.


marlena said...

Roger came dressed in a clean white WHAT??
Made me laugh out loud. Love it.
thanks for bloggin ED, nice that we can all refer our freinds and family to your blog and not have to do so much updating ourselves. Glad you are hear too, oh so glad!! Marlena p.s. Thanks for taking on Zech!!

sher widger said...

It's Monday Night here in Calif. Sending well wishes to all & waiting to hear Lynn is OK.

Sher Widger