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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday July 15

Tuesday after clinic

Hello from warm and sultry Haiti. I can’t believe how much I have sweat today and how many bottle of water I have consumed and how few times I have voided the water. Needless to say, I am dripping and I have been all day. I am sitting in line for the shower so I’ll pause this when it is my turn.

I do not have today’s total but we finished at 4 PM. That surprised us. It is great to have Carol, Grant and Roger to fill the orders and Gary and I to try to field the questions and do the problem solving. This team packed loads of pill yesterday and things went really smooth today. No major problems for our first day and lots of eye opening experiences for the first timers. Our lady that is frequently seen due to her breast cancer is not doing well and is in terrible pain. There is not much we can do for her but try to ease the pain. Her blood pressure is elevated as is her blood glucose level, probably due to the stress. Unfortunately she came to the pharmacy and there were questions on her dossier and she ended up sitting at the front of the pharmacy bench for over 1 hour while we tried to help her. Finally we filled her order and sent her on her way.

There were many other cases that I’ll learn more about at the team meeting tonight, but right now, I am off to the showers. AHHH! That shower felt good and I am now on the third floor outside the computer area in a cool sea breeze and life is good. Ten people remain at the clinic while the rest are at the beach. I am pleased that they are able to relax. There has been little progress on the property immediately west of the clinic. When I was here in March-April there was a man breaking rocks and throwing them into a dump truck from dawn till dusk. He must have quickly after I left as I do not see much change from then in the landscape. The rocks are sold for building materials. Yes, the goats are still on the east side and the stupid rooster’s clock is still messed up. He crows about 2:30 or 3 every morning. We’ve been awakened by the dog only once so far. That is just part of the Haitian experience. Speaking of that the dark clouds are moving in and the wind has picked up so the waves are really crashing into the rocks. Maybe there is a rain storm scheduled for tonight. There is a full moon on Friday night.

Okay, I just got deserted. Sue, Sara and Lisa joined me here but the breeze is reported to be better on the other side, so off they went. I can concentrate on this a little better that way. Ha! I am still pleased to report how ell this team has come together and worked as if they were all seasoned veterans. That is always a concern but I have never been let down yet. BTW, there remains a rumor that razors are in the lab but I can testify that they are not there. I’m getting a little scruffier as each day goes by. I do not have Bill Edwards here to join me in the ranks of the unshaven.

Saturday we will have a ½ clinic day and then some will be off to Jacmel for shopping and art. We will meet at Ambians for dinner and drinks afterwards. The prices at Ambians are up about 10 % over what they were in March-April. On Sunday, after our prayer service and breakfast, we will be off to Ti Moulage for a day at the beach and our Sunday meal. The food, this year and every mission, is great. Today was the rice, cabbage and vegetables for lunch. Last night was the tuna and noodles. Barb has baked some bread and cookies for us. The beer is good and cold and I do have a stash of Sauvignon Blanc in the pharmacy refrigerator. Swimmers are back and the noise level has risen. They are all competing for the showers before dinner. I have rattled on long enough so I’ll post this. I still hope to hear from you.


Anonymous said...

Good morning Ed, (wed)
Just getting time to read your blog. Things are pretty busy around here getting things ready for CJ. I will be traveling with him to CA by Amtrak once he is accepted. We overnighted the application so we could get a fast responce but as luck would have it the lady that does the aps is on vacation and wouldn't be back until Thur so will not know until Fri or Sat if he is accepted but planning anyway so wouldn't be caught short. Anyway will keep in touch.
Nancy Ray

Lynn said...

I love reading your blogs, Ed. Makes me feel like I am at home again on the third floor balcony of the FOTCOH clinic.