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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday morning July 20, 2008

First off here, I have downloaded 65 more pictures from Becky Reeser’s camera to the Picasa web album. Here is the link: . I hope you are enjoying the photos. It took several tries yesterday before I could connect and then it took almost 40 minutes to down load the pictures. I just sat out on the balcony and enjoyed the breeze. The breeze has disappeared this morning, it is hot and still. There is a noisy bug (I think that is what is making the sound) somewhere out in the back yard. There are 3 men in a boat fishing out back of the clinic and the waves are very strong so they are bobbing up and down in the boat. That is the morning view from the third floor balcony on the south side. People are sleeping in this morning.

We went to Jacmel yesterday for our relaxation. Boyer and Belany were the tour guides. I think Jamie was our only shopper and she only purchased one item. It is a gift so I will not disclose the nature of the gift. I did not pay attention to how long we shopped. On the way back to Ambians Gary and I spotted a sign for a pharmacy so we asked Belany to come with us. It was closed as was the other two pharmacies we sought out so they must not work on Saturdays. We returned to Ambians and Gary purchased a bottle of 5 star rum and some Pepsi so that was the drink of the hour. Later, Lisa purchased some Chardonnay so I was a happy drinker. Ha! I ate Lambi Creole which is conch I am not sure I have spelled that word correctly) and it was the best prepared serving this year. To explain, this is my third mission for FOTCOH this year. I rode shotgun to and from in Son Son’s tap tap. It has a new coat of paint on the body and on the cage and Papa Dick says he is no longer taking any passengers other than the FOTCOH volunteers. When we got back to the clinic, some people came bringing a girl who had apparently stepped in some glass so Jamie, Chris, and Becky began to minister to her. They made quite a team as the one foot required several stitches to close the wound. I think we finished with her sometime after 9 PM. We had an audience of Haitians observing. Belany must have had too much rum. He sat in a chair in a stupor and fell out of the chair a few times. Boyer promised to get him home. I’ll bet he is hurting this morning. There are no reports of throwing up from any team members overnight. That is a good thing.

I want to wish my grand daughter Molly Gibson a Happy Birthday today. I understand that she is having a pool party at my house. I will be thinking of her and all my family all day long. The news from home is appreciated. I am proud to report that my love, my wife, Donna, has successfully managed to use the email to send me messages and that is a really good thing.

This morning we will have a prayer service followed by a pancake and bacon breakfast. Later we will go yo Ti Moulage beach for an afternoon of swimming, shopping, and a nice meal. As Chris just said, it i so nice to not have to rush around this morning because there a patients at the gate. We saw no one outside the gate when we returned from town last night.
Okay, I have rambled on enough so I’ll post this and do some of my back exercises. The mattress is getting to me.

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