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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday morning July 17

Wednesday Afternoon July 16 4 PM

I’ll start this now and work on it off and on until tomorrow morning. Not much to tell about since noon. Air conditioner is on and blowing a cool breeze on me here on the third floor. It feels nice. I have just showered and shaved with a disposable razor and managed to get 3 good nicks in my face. I am still trying to get them to stop bleeding. I never have figured out how that happens. Most of the team went to the beach. We finished about 4 PM and the last patients wanted shoes, clothes and food. Also at the end was a very small baby with AIDS. The baby was from Cap Rouge which means hat someone walked here for 8 hours for the baby to be seen by us. We did all that we were able to do. Mary Therese probably had a hard time letting the child out of her arms. I hear we are walking up to Son Son’s bar at 5:30 for some fried okra.
Grant is doing a wonderful job in the pharmacy and Carol is doing her usual excellent job. I continue to turn more and more over to Gary. I teased him that I might come home this weekend so he can experience the task on his own. As far as I can tell he is really enjoying the work and he does get along with team, interpreters and the Haitian people. He tries a few words of Kreole.
Okay, so it is now 8:30 AM the next day and I did not make it back to my laptop last night after all. After Son Son’s we came back and had dinner and our meeting and I just stayed on the second level and visited with the team instead of hiding behind my laptop.
That allowed me to get some information to pas along to my readers.
First of all, Kelli & Lisa deny all knowledge of Rickster. NOT! Thanks to Rickster for the message- it was fun delivering it. Note to my daughter Becky and her daughters, Molly & Cori: When are you planning to com on a mission asks Lisa. Note to Reeser family: All is well with Mom and Dad in Haiti-How are you behaving?
Note to Liz and Renee: Amanda is behaving. I think. Our main computer is running slow. I discovered that there were 61 windows open on the main last night so I am here cleaning up the mess that we have acquired from so many people using the system. I also rebooted the surfboard for the internet as it had lost it’s connection to all of the wireless laptops. The internet is now working much better for all. Now if I can get the main computer cleaned up, everyone will be happy. I have had several interruptions so I will post this before I have to go back downstairs.


trina schmidt said...

Dear Ed,
We so appreciate your very descriptive narratives of each day. I start checking your blogsite immediately after dinner and then read it about 100 times.
No Peoria news- the weather is in the 90's and no rain. I hope someone is home watering your plants for you. Please tell Grant, if you get a chance, that I found our puppy, Paddy, asleep in his suitcase this morning. I think Paddy is going through alittle withdrawl without him, and Mary Therese will be glad to know that her last paycheck was bigger than she anticipated. It seems as though this team is helping as many Haitians as the all those preceding it. It is wonderful, and I know my children are benefitting greatly from such an overwhelming experience. Stay safe, please, Trina

trina schmidt said...

Dear Ed,
Thank you a million for such wonderful daily descriptive narratives. We are so thrilled that are children are having such an overwhelmingly positive experience. Glad to hear that Grant is doing well in the pharmacy and watch Mary Therese closely she may put a little Haitian baby in her suitcase. Hope all is well and stay safe.

trina schmidt said...

I have sent you at least 95 comments today trying to get this to work. I am not computer savvy. So if you get more than one please have patience with me and promise not to tell my kids who techie handicapped I am.:)

Sharon said...

I must admit a birthday with a band at Son Son's beats a birthday up here but I manage! I miss being there so much...but that trip will come soon. How is Gary doing? Tell him I said hello, and of course everyone else for that matter! Take care and I will keep an eye on your blogs to see how things are going. Everyone is in our prayers and we love you all.

Anonymous said...

HI dad. Sounds like one of the smoothest times i can recall for your trip to Haiti as the last few have had some emergencies. That's good news. Mom is doing well at home, it seems, and all is fine in Peoria. Enjoy your stay and we'll see you when we get back from MN.