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Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday afternoon July 14

Hello from Haiti at early evening. I have just has a nice shower and feel much better. Prestige (local beer) in hand, I’ll write a few lines before dinner. We were all up early this morning and breakfast was at 7. Every one pitched in and unloaded the bags. One exploded package of oatmeal and a few crushed vitamin bottles was all the damage we found. That is almost as unbelievable as our making all of our connections to Haiti. After unpacking, we began to pack pill for tomorrow and every one pitched in until about 2:30 PM when it was beach time. We managed to get almost every thing packaged for the first few days of clinic and I am most grateful that all of my team members helped out. We should be in great shape for tomorrow. The weather is warm and humid. Even though it is only 89 degrees you sweat all day and all night long. I enjoyed my sweat free half hour after my shower and am beginning to really sweat a lot now and I am no where near the sun. This morning there were about 25 people waiting outside the clinic. The 8 from yesterday are still there and I am sure there will be quite a crowd in the morning.
I am very pleased with this team. Everyone is having a great time and the conversations are very lively. I had promised to identify the July team so here it is along with their reported jobs. That does not list the laundry duty, dishes duty, and Son Son run duty that may come their way. As a matter of fact, most of the team is on a Son Son run right now.

The July team roster, along with a quick job description and a note of they are new:

Gary Alwan, Pharmacist, new

Eric Behrens, non-medical,

Sue Behrens, APN, Provider, team leader

Jamie Beversdorf, Pediatric Resident, new, Provider

Barb Hammond, non-medical, Triage/Medical Records

Dick Hammond, non-medical, FOTCOH Clinic Enforcer

Amanda Johnson, RNLP, Wound Care/lab

Jan Lundeen,RN, Provider Triage/RTC

Lisa Phillips, Physician, Provider, new

Kelly Phillips, EMT, new, Triage/pateints

Ed Monroe, Pharmacist, Pharmacy

Becky Reeser,RNLP,Triage/RTC

Jim Reeser, non-medical, new,Crowd Control-front

Chris Robinson, EMT-B, Triage/patients, new

Grant Schmidt, non-medical, Pharmacy, new

Mary-Therese Schmidt, non-medical, Triage/Medical Records, new

Bruce Steiner, non-medical, Crowd Control-Back

Carol Steiner, non-medical, Pharmacy

Dan Steiner, non-medical, Cook/lab

Sara Thomas, APN, Provider

David Thorpe, RN/APN student, Provider, new

Jon Wagner, non-medical, Crowd Control- Front

There is really not much else to report at this time and it will soon be dinner time. So I’ll close for now.

Thanks for reading this. I would love to hear from any team members families, I can be bribed for dirty details. Ha.
Ooops. I forgot to confess that I failed to bring along a safety razor and I have yet to find the 200 disposable ones that used to be here. Maybe we can have a contest to see how long I’ll go before I shave,.


Katie Koehler said...

Hello Ed and Co! I hope that you have a great day tomorrow! I am so excited to see all the new people, and I want to say a big Thank You to Dr. Phillips (I met her and we talked for less than 15 mins, and I gave her the website info-- so I am really really happy for FOTCOH to have such a wonderful person to have joined!) I also would like to ask you to figure out who is responsible for such good luck, and force them to join us on the March team! :) Have a great day tomorrow, and I think you will look amazing hairy....
Katie Koehler

PS- I will be in Peoria at the end of July/ beginning of Aug if you would like to do lunch (and I will be in town for the golf outing if anyone wants/needs my help)??

Anonymous said...

I would hate to think how rough your face will be without shaving for even a few days... Things here are good and it is hot here as well. I'm off to Chicago tomorrow for a seminar so I'll have the kids write to you this weekend. I love you, dad.