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Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday afternoon July 21, 2008

Hello on a muggy afternoon. It is almost 6 PM and dinner will be soon do I must hurry this post and that ii not a good thing. Pharmacy closed at 4 PM today but I have been working in Dick’s palm pilot and playing with a new computer that was donated by Bill Knight and Terry Bibo. It is from “One Laptop for One Child” and is really neat. There is no operating manual as they want you to download the information from their website.

First off, I want to report that Gary has email Lori back home and read her reply and sent along another one. I understand that is some sort of a milestone. He also sent an email to his son but we have not heard back from him yet. I am really enjoying hearing from my wife, Donna, on this mission. I am proud of her internet ability.

This afternoon, my sponsor child and his father came for a visit around mid afternoon and I had time for a short visit. I’m not sure he remembered me until I gave him the picture of the two of us that was taken in March of this year. I did give him the pictures that my grandchildren sent to home as well as their picture that I brought down for him.
Yes, I did get tears in my eyes just as it was predicted. Eric came by with his camera so I’ll have some pictures soon.

We have been teasing Grant and MT a lot. Grant had a rough morning and worked with Chris in the lab. I wanted him to experience other parts of the mission. He returned to the pharmacy at the end of the lab. He is a great help.
I did get an email from Sharon Doran reminding me of the August 4 major fund raising event at Arrowhead golf course. She is looking for volunteers and the chairman of the event is looking for golfers. I would be happy to connect you with them if you are interested.

It seems we have a patient or two after we close. Jamie had to stitch up a little boy’s head around 5 PM tonight. She is testing the power of the Lidocaine gel that I had in the pharmacy. She tells me that it keeps her thumb num for days.
The young ones went to the roof top for a sun tan. I just spent the last half hour star gazing. There is no moon and one can see millions of stars, a few planes, and an occasional shooting star.

We are enjoying Dan’s fine cooking. Tonight’s meal was black bean sauce and white rice, served with avocados, fresh tomatoes and sweet onions. It was yummy.

We had a pharmacy issue today on one of the last patients hat Jamie saw. It seems that Roger, our Haitian helper read the word Tegretol ( for seizure control;) as Tylenol and dispensed the Tylenol. Fortunately Jamie alertly caught it before she left the area. On that same note, we are getting low on our lowest dose of the calcium channel blockers so we will need to make some adjustments to that. I hope to start the dental inventory tomorrow after clinic so that is out of the way. We are really making a dent in the sore room inventory and it is clearing out so we can get it ready for inventory and for the incoming shipment for the next two clinics.
Roger brought in a CD from Colson Mores family that I am to take back to Peoria with me for Colson. I brought down my laptop to make sure it would play and it is a nice CD. I left the laptop plugged in and played Neil Diamond, Amy Grant, and Phantom of the Opera tunes that I have on this laptop. We got to do a little jiving to the music today.

The last thing I want to mention tonight is seeing Christala Belle, She is very healthy, a little shy around strangers, and very beautiful. We managed to spend a few minutes with her and none of us cried. She fell asleep so they wanted to get her back home. That is a wonderful ending to a potentially tragic start in life.

Time to get this posted. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

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