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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wednesday Evening

This will be short. For some reasons, I am very tired. With about 5 hours sleep last night, I knew this would be a tiring one. We had a late team meeting and it was close to midnight when I got to bed and it was before 5 AM when I was awakened. After coffee, I went down and started to put away as much of the inventory as I could manage. I had help from Dr. Bill, Dr. David, and Carol so it went smoothly. After lunch, around 1 PM we started to see patients and we ended up with seeing 116 today. Pharmacy was very busy as we had very few medications labeled and packaged. Everyone pitched at some time or another to help and we were done by 6PM with the line and clean up. Tomorrow will go much more smoothly, or at least I hope. I’d love to report on interesting patients but I did not seem to have time to get out and look around. Tonight, we have just finished dinner and it is 9 PM. My wireless is not working well today and I do not know why. I’ll try to get on another and publish this. Oh yes, how is the snow in Peoria? I did not read the on line Peoria Journal Star today.

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shareylee said...

Okay, I will try this again. We have about 5" of snow on the ground today and it got to 21 degrees this afternoon. It felt like March after the last three days. Hope you have a good day tomorrow and hope you guys get some rest. Sharey