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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Tuesday sometimes during the day

It is noon and I broke for lunch and a little sit down time. It was a long night last night. We had one very sick team member that we were trying to get flown out to Miami. We worked on medications and travel plans till after 11:30 PM. We were up at 5:30 AM as usual. We did manage to send him, along with another team member by small plane (Missionary Air) to the main terminal at Port-Au-Prince and he should be landing now. We hope for a report soon and I will keep you posted. Garron and Bart did a few surgeries yesterday and will be doing several more tomorrow. They were quite late in returning last night and that was a worry. So the whole team is tired today and a little on edge. Lots of Valentine’s day jokes flying around. Twp cases out of four cases of the shipment of medications that I sent on January 29 arrived today. I had predicted that it would arrive today so I was half way right. Cell phones are in abundance here with Digicel building new towers and having a cheap introductory program so many Haitians have cell phone (that even work this year). As with all cell phones, it rings at the worst times in the waiting areas or as the employees are working. We have lost the satellite connection again so I will close down and try again later. It is now 5 PM and the pharmacy is closed. I do find that amazing for as busy as we were again today. We are starting to run out of some medications such as methyldopa and phenytoin. That makes more work for us to find some substitute or tell the patient we do not have the med. There is an attack of what I will call the puney’s within the team but just a minor inconvenience. We still have not heard from the folks we sent to Miami and we are hoping to hear real soon. Much of the team is off to the beach and later on Lobster Man is bringing a fresh catch for us. Chef Larry has a Valentine’s day surprise for the team. There were less screaming children today and several brave souls ventured into the pharmacy. One little girl named Nancy was carried by many of the team members and was almost considered the team mascot. We had lots of babies with skin infections, scabies, worms, fungus, and malaria. That means lots of dose calculations for me. We now have in Kreole the baby vitamin label and the Lugol’s solution label. Next step is the BB sirop label. I think that will be a wrap from this end for today.

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