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Friday, February 09, 2007

Friday evening

Friday night 8:45 PM

We are just finished with our team meeting. We saw 334 patients today, and that is quite a busy day. The team is responding marvelously. Everyone helps each other when ever help is called for. There is laughter and fellowship all around. Interesting cases are shared, problems are aired and a solution worked out. It is fun to work in this atmosphere where everyone gets along so well. James continues to help out in the pharmacy and we finished again today at 5 PM. That is amazing! James has his ear buds in so he can listen to his Ipod. He also sings. I am looking for a recorder so we can publish his singing on the internet. His family has requested this as a part of his birthday celebration.
There was a plan to go to a concert in Jacmel on Saturday night. The every popular band, Jam, is playing but we have found out that they will likely take the stage at 11:00 PM and that will be too late for us. We will go to Ti Moulage tomorrow for a beach party. It is a beautiful beach area a few miles east of here. We will have lobster, fish, rice and beans, piclkie, and liquid refreshments there. I am sure there will be some shopping opportunities from the T- shirt lady and the local artist. On Sunday, we will have a prayer service in the morning. Ten lucky people will get to go to Basin Blu, the beautiful waterfall west of Jacmel. Donna an I will try to go next week. This week is for those who have never been there. Sunday night we will go to the Ambiance to watch National Karnaval from the rooftop restaurant. It will be extremely crowded and very exciting.
The weather here remains in the 90’s. It seems to rain every night, over night. They did get in in Movie night last night but I have not heard about tonight’s plans. I was just told to get this blog published so the team could find out what is going on here. I do not think I am that great a writer. We did find out tonight that Lucy has decided to become a nurse and is strongly looking to go to school at SLU. Donna just dropped by to tell me we may get to go to the waterfall after all as no one is signing up for it. Hooray!! We will only have a half day tomorrow so that will be nice for us. I hope to list the team members and what they are doing tomorrow so that I do not forget anyone. Time for a shower and bed. More blogging another day!


Anonymous said...

Hey grandma and grandpa, this is Josh and Ashleigh, and we first wnated to thank you for our gifts and to let you know we had a very nice dinner and night out with them. Secondly, we had a gift for you that Ashleigh had picked up from portugal, but we totally forgot about it, till we packed the day after you left so we will ship it to you when you get back. Also, the best news, Ashleigh and I are going to be brand new parents, supposedly by October 4th. We found out she was pregnant the day after you two left as well. She went to the doctor yesterday and that is when we recieved the due date.
Well, it seems as though you are both having a great time, and helping ouiy alot, good luck with the rest of your trip and know we are all thinking of you! We love you both and can't wait for pictures!!

Anonymous said...

hello from Emma's. we have finally disengaged from QB long enough to read the blog. no golf but lots of good work done. 80 degrees and sunny here. glad to finally catch up with "what's ed up to now" as we are leaving for a little while. give mom a hug for all of us and let her know that i have been working down here, too. I have painted a bookcase, reorganized the garage, hung new curtains, and made far too many trips to WalMart... Looking forward to seeing you guys when you return! We all love you.

Chris, Heather, Emma and Harold