Tracking Ed Monroe as he travels to Haiti and other exotic(?) places

Monday, February 12, 2007


With all of the laptops here, there is some one on their computer most of the free time. There are two of us that you can always count on to be typing away. One of them is the person that I neglected to list when I described the team. And how could I forget anonymous? No her name is Leigh Behrens and she is the sister of Eric Behrens. She is again doing a fabulous job in wound care, scabies treatments, laundry, and any other job that comes along. And the best part is that it is always done with a smile that brightens up even a sunny Day like today. I am so sorry that I forgot you. I'll share some more of my wine with you if that will help!


Anonymous said...

a little sauv. blanc would be great!

Anonymous said...