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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Nearing the end

Today is Thursday and we have 1 full clinic day and one half day of clinic. We saw about 300 + patients today. The final numbers are not in yet and yesterday it was somewhere around 275. Garron and Bart at still at thehspital in surgery. Yesterday went slow for them due to lack of bed space at Dr Martinez’s hospital and the Haitian helpers’ doing their jobs in the Haitian way rather than the way Garron and Bart would like to have the job done. Our two team mates are now safely home so I can report that Jeremy Ufert and his wife, Lori Fulk flew home yesterday and made it all the way to Peoria. I do not know very many details except that Jeremy was a very sick person and we are all relieved that he is safe and well cared for in Peoria. I am considering holding an auction for the names of the other team members who are not at the top of their game. I wonder how much that would bring in from you, my faithful readers, or from team members when I announce it at tonight’s team meeting. It sounds like a fun idea to try.
Most of the team is on their way to Son Son’s bar for refreshments. That will mean a late supper tonight. Some of the team went to the secret beach this afternoon. No, I do not know where it is for sure, but I hear it is close by. Chef Larry has prepared excellent meals for the team. With his breakfast oatmeal, we should all lower our cholesterol levels by 30 or more points. It would not hurt yours truly to loose a few pounds while he is here but I doubt that it will happen. I am sitting here with a nice glass of French Sauvignon Blanc wine and watching the sunset over the mountains. We had a hard rain last night and we had a lot of laundry on the lines but it dried early in the morning. The rain forced a cancellation of another movie night.
On the pharmacy side, we have run out of Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) 25 mg, phenytion ( Dilantin), and methyldopa ( Aldomet). We have tapped into the ferrous fumarate syrup (yucky smelling iron liquid). My interpreters have made labels for the Lugol’s solution. I purchased 2 oz dropper bottles for that item and that is a blessing. I am also using the 3 and 4 oz Rx bottles for liquids and there is less leakage. It will be close on the Ivermectin and there is not enough time to get another delovert from Preckshot Pharmacy in Peoria Heights. That reminds me to ask a favor of you, dear reader. I would really like it if you would call Preckshot Pharmacy and thank them for the support that they give us with the Ivermectin and also call Bogard’s Drug Store on Western in Peoria and thank them for helping us to get some needed supplies at a very good price. Without their help, our trip would have been much less of a success.
Weekend plans call for a trip to the Cap Lamando hotel on Saturday afternoon for a swim and dinner on the patio. Sunday some of the team will go to Bassin Blu in the early afternoon. Later on Sunday the plan is for another trip tp the beach at To Moulage. I am sitting here near the main computer area and the wireless network is busy with 3 or 4 laptops going during much of our free time. We sometimes encounter satellite problems due to the clouds but generally we can get on line easily. The thick walls limit the range of my wireless card. My new card that I purchased for this trip has failed so I am glad that I brought along the old spare card.
Donna has just brought me another glass of wine so I’ll close this before it catches up with me. One last note: I would enjoy hear from you if you are enjoying or hating this blog.


Piper said...

Loving It! You may even inspire me to start blogging again (last entry was August!)
I'd participate in an auction to hear if my mom is one of the team members under the weather... :)
Kudos for the wonderful work all of you are doing!
God Bless

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog. My brother is there with you and I know many people in our family read this blog faithfully!! Thank you so much!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for writing this blog. I read it every day. My nephew is part of the team, and I am so proud of him! You are all doing a great work.

auntie annonymous