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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wednesday afternoon January 30, 2008

Just a few notes before I take my shower. I am really tired tonight. I do not know the patient count today. I hope the providers did not try to get to the 500 patient levels. I know we saw a large number of patients as the pharmacy was busy from start to finish. The rain last night seemed to have triggered a demand for cough syrup which, of course, we are out of. We are at the point where I hesitate to package more medications as I will have to unpack them tomorrow afternoon and inventory them. I will also need to print out the inventory count sheets for the people who will be helping me inventory. I know we treated a bad burn case today and used up the remainder of the hard pain meds. Garron was unable to do surgery today as his Haitian nurse anesthetist had her baby overnight. He had been dreading that event.

I, again, want to compliment my help in the pharmacy. Mary Hedges and Sharon Doran are doing just an OUTSTANDING job. They are even putting up with me. Many of you know just how hard that is to do sometimes-especially when I am tired. I did not sleep well again last night. I will be glad to get back to my own bed. My choice of beds, near the toilet/shower was not a good choice as the activity runs all night long-doors banging, lights coming on, etc. It will be interesting on the March team when there are many less men than women. I have already requested the third floor. I am especially thankful for my tower fan. I know, it is 17 degrees in Peoria as I write this but it is 90 degrees here now.

Not much news from home today. I did hear from my son today. I’m still hoping to hear from others. I understand we will have spaghetti for dinner this evening so I will go and take a shower and relax a bit before dinner. I will try to get more posted a little later. Bill just offered me a glass of wine. AHHH!

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