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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sunday January 26, 2008

Just back from the beach and in need of a shower. We only saw 217 patients today and were done around 12:15 PM. Not bad. I sure have great help from everyone. Ti Moulage beach was crowded with lots of Haitians, UN personnel, and visitors. You can feel the economy is improved. There are now two restaurants on the beach and they were full. We had a problem with the food as Michelle, the lobster man, did not serve us lobster for the beach buffet. He, Dick, and Boyer got in to a heated argument. Otherwise, the fish, rice and beans, fried plantains and the Haitian fish (What kind you ask? They have no idea so fish is fish. Mine had a green tail if hat helps you). Oh yes, and the heads and eyes were still on the fish. Are you still hungry? The fish were also quite full of small bones this time. It was nice to relax and shop. We had over 6 vendors to make our selection from. Yes, Donna, I did not but ANYTHING. Your good buddy, the artist, was so disappointed not to see you. He came up to me right away looking for you! Ha!
So this will be short. I have to help Kay get ready for tomorrows prayer service and several people want to get on the internet. Love from Haiti

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Anonymous said...

My name is Diana, and John recommended that I read your blog to prepare for the March trip. It will be my first time in Haiti, my first medical mission trip, my first human medical experience period. (I'm a vet tech now, and animal nurse, if you will.) I'm very glad you're sharing what's going on where you are; it's easy enough to be excited about going, but having an idea of what to expect makes it impossible not to be. I just wanted to introduce myself and say thanks. God bless you as you work, and I will get to meet you in a couple of months.
~Diana T.