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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tuesday January 29

It is 5: 15 pm and I am done. I am frightened to know the count but I suspect it was another record day. When the numbers are in I will let you know.
We are starting to run out of some medications. Not my favorite topic. We are out of steroid inhalers. There are some other meds but I will not bother you with them. OOOPs, the EDH electric power went off again and we need to fire ip the generator. Thank you Caterpillar tractor...

Some random thoughts:
This has taken me almost 1 hour as I have been interrupted about 10 times!!

For those of you who have been here will recall our friendly (?)watchdog. Well, Dick managed to awaken him about 12 midnight last night when he switched over from EDH (Electric Department of Haiti) to the generator as EDH had failed again. Any how, the dog was frightened and barked for almost 1/2 hour. Yes, I did not sleep well last night.

My two regular helpers in the pharmacy are doing very fantastic. I just hear we hit 495 patients today. Did you ever, in your wildest dreams, think I would be doing drugs with Mary Hedges in Haiti?? Sorry Jay and family. I just had to put that in.
And as for Sharon Doran, I am not sure where to begin and where to end. I am sure her friends and family fully understand my dilemma. She treated me to a cold glass of wine at shift end tonight. She looks out for me.
In that same vein, my good biddies Debi Yandell and Jody & Chip Moodie are such a blessing. As many of you know, I am rather lost with out Donna, my wife, here to watch out for me and they are trying to substitute with scrubs etc.
News from Jane Gray is that she has a better tan than Donna but she misses you tanning with her. Sue Behrens and Kay Shank say hello and tell me every day how much they miss you-as if I don't.
Food has been great. Today's lunch was rice with a black bean sauce. Heavenly!!! Tonight, Larry is serving the Mexican Bomb." I hpe I have enough loperamide.
It is raining outside and the cool small of fresh rain is nice. I am sitting on Raj's throne (his usual internet station) because the air is blowing stronger than in my usual corner.
Carla read what I wrote about her and has approved. A side note to her family, “Thank you” for sharing her with us. She is a WONDERFUL person and such a big help to everyone here. I'll bet you miss her there in Indiana!
The birthday girl is getting quite a tan bt now she is another year older. Dr Wendy has a sun burned back from today. Dr Bill gets tired about 2:30 each day and we can tell by the way we cannot read his handwriting. It is just more to tease him about.

Enough of my rambling, off to the shower, if it is open then supper, the dreaded meeting and bed. We had a new shipment of wine today. Yeah!!! It is POURING down rain right now. Everybody is back from the beach and the rain is blocking the internet so this will have to be posted later.

Itis now 5:30 AM Rained a long time last night. We lost EDH power due to a fuse that blew out on our service outside. The generator ran all night and still going strong. I'l send this off now and write more later.

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