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Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday January 28, 2008 6 PM

We saw 488 patients today. No wonder I am exhausted. I have had two small glasses of white wine and one beer. Dinner in 1/2 hour and then, a short meeting-I hope, and off to bed. I did not plan to write to the blog tonight but I wanted to share that number with you. I do not know how we are getting through this but I can tell you that my helpers, Mary, Sharon, Carla and Debbie are keeping me sane and on track. Found the 80,000 HCTZ today that I thought were some where or another. Box was turned around with label towards the wall. I am still upset at Lynx Air. Mark and I placed an emergeny order with MAP USA this morning and we hope to have it in Peoria on February 14. The next question is how to get it to Haiti. Any one with any ideas, please shout them out. Time to get out into the cool breeze. I am quite stinky!

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Anonymous said...

I would seriously consider asking Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to help. I know you think i am kidding, but they are very passionate about Haiti and could carry enough clout to fix it...