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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wednesday evening

It is almost 6 PM and I have enjoyed 3 beers to celebrate the last full day. We saw somewhere over 300 but totals not in yet. I did edit out some of my typos but left the evidence. What was I thinking? What was I drinking? That Haitian rum devil got a hold of me again. Ha!
So it is off to the shower with a promise of another early dinner. Hopefully I will not have to work on a computer again tonight. I'm told that Aaron will be happy to pay the bill for getting Marna's running again. She claims that he pays all the bills. Gayala- is that true??
BTW. Thanks for all the comments. I love posting them.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, the team's time is about up there. I've been on enough mission adventures to know even though we are earger for you all to return, it will be hard for the team to leave, as it probably feels like there is still so much yet to do. You all have touched lives in a special way. God bless you all as your mission winds down. See ya soon!
And, I have been a mother-in-law long enough to know not to answer that question. But will say that Aaron is our "Computer Gru". Thank God for that. -- Gayala