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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday morning

It was another night of tossing and turning in bed. I will be glad to get home and rest on our comfortable mattress. Yes, I corrected Marna’s name on the picture blog. Sorry Marna but thanks for catching it. Speaking of Marna, the beautician who practices in Haiti with out a license, I never did explain Marna’s moon and some of you might get the wrong idea. Yes, this the time of the new moon, but that is not it and she defiantly did not moon me or anyone else. She is helping me in the pharmacy and part of our job is to draw pictographs of the rising sun, the noon time sun, the setting sun, and the crescent moon. The joke came when I noticed that she put the moon the opposite way that is displayed on our pre-printed labels and I teased her about it. Yesterday the joke was she shot more people that a certain Marine that we know as we gave a lot of shots of Rocephin to patients. I also spent some time reviewing the importance of reading the label of the medication prior to drawing up the medication as we have the Rocephin in two different concentrations available. All of the nursing students are eager to learn and everyone enjoys the teaching opportunity. I am encouraging all of them to use this experience and the tutors as references when looking for work as we all worked under some extreme conditions and all have had to multi-task, think on our feet, react to sudden changes, and provide that most important gift of our love and our care. Again, I wish to mention how great this team is to be a part of.
Dr. K and I are still fighting and no serious blows have landed yet, just a lot of smiles and laughs. Dr. Edwards has finally come to realize that if I do not understand what he has written, (I’ll let you figure that one out) that I proceed with out consulting him and provide the medication that I think he might have been trying to write. It is late in the day usually when that occurs because 11 AM is late in the day, isn’t it? I told Dr Elsa that I was upset because I had no issues with her yesterday. She misses her daily running here; no one seems to want to go for a run with her. People are starting to pack up, I have inventory sheets to print up and Garron's surgery medications to prepare, and all before breakfast so I’ll spell check this but not check for typos just to keep my readers on their toes. Thanks again, Gayala for the feedback. I’ll try to write after we finish up later today.

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